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Autodidact – how do I do it and where is it taking me?

Autodidact simply means a self taught person, I would like to think that I do taught myself. Sometimes I autodidact from internet sometimes I just learn from my personal experiences and sometimes I learn from observing other people.

I actually learn a lot from movies and dramas although I understand that most of them are just created scenes and life is so different from a movie, but I also do believe in the saying that goes something like this :

Miracles happen with those who believe in it.

In 2015, I have learned the biggest skill anybody can learn and I learned it from my Dad which is very simple and common actually and it is called Research skill. read more


How to get peeps to love your business and promote it? Find influencers to rocket your sales for FREE.

So, you just started some kinda business and you want to promote your sales or you are looking for a “Godsend” marketing genie to help your business improve your business or maybe you know someone that can rocket your sales and you need their endorsement.

Good news is that you have come to a right place, I am gonna share some sexy secrets with you that maybe helps you in your business.

See the question is – do people trust your business? Probably the answer is people don`t even know about my business how can trust the product.

Then, I would ask do they trust you? or would they trust you? read more

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What Gets Me Excited? and a Powerful lesson!

pexels-photo-212286It`s been a long time since  I wrote, I apologize to all my dear readers.

Last time when I got the chance and time to write was in April so I decided to ask on my Facebook ok what should I write on?  I got around 20+ suggestions and I hope I can write on all that but we will start with “What Gets Me Excited?”

Hmm, alot of things gets me excited. Spending money on useless things is one of my very lame excitement but it does get me excited.

But when we talk about business and or something that might interest you is marketing, revolutionary ideas, start-ups, business plans, solving problems, negotiations, sales, meeting people, talking to people, spending time on discussing interesting and deep matters and making friends  gets me really excited. read more

Life Lessons Sam Haider

5 life lessons from a CEO of Major Investment Company

Hello Beautiful People! I hope days are being good with you.

It`s been a long time that I wrote any post and I thought this is the time I should share with you one of the best VIP classroom I had. Since it`s VIP and exlcusive to Nation Building School gurus only I can`t name the speaker and provide other details but below are the top 5 lessons he shared with us.

1. Always refrain from judging a person, put yourself in another perspective by asking what led them there?

2. Beware of the “unholy triad” of power, wealth and (wo)men!

3. Don’t try to outsmart the system, because it will always catch up with you and be the last of you.

4. Always be humble and don’t believe in your own hype.

5. Be reflective of yourself as if you’re looking into the mirror as much as you can.

  read more

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