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How to get peeps to love your business and promote it? Find influencers to rocket your sales for FREE.

So, you just started some kinda business and you want to promote your sales or you are looking for a “Godsend” marketing genie to help your business improve your business or maybe you know someone that can rocket your sales and you need their endorsement.

Good news is that you have come to a right place, I am gonna share some sexy secrets with you that maybe helps you in your business.

See the question is – do people trust your business? Probably the answer is people don`t even know about my business how can trust the product.

Then, I would ask do they trust you? or would they trust you? read more

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What Gets Me Excited? and a Powerful lesson!

pexels-photo-212286It`s been a long time since  I wrote, I apologize to all my dear readers.

Last time when I got the chance and time to write was in April so I decided to ask on my Facebook ok what should I write on?  I got around 20+ suggestions and I hope I can write on all that but we will start with “What Gets Me Excited?”

Hmm, alot of things gets me excited. Spending money on useless things is one of my very lame excitement but it does get me excited.

But when we talk about business and or something that might interest you is marketing, revolutionary ideas, start-ups, business plans, solving problems, negotiations, sales, meeting people, talking to people, spending time on discussing interesting and deep matters and making friends  gets me really excited. read more


How to react on a verbal attack?

You’ve just completed a project at work and you’re feeling pretty good about yourself. You think you’ve done a good job and you hope your boss will like it. (Of course, he’ll never let you know—he’s just not the kind of person to give compliments.) You’re at your desk taking care of some busy work, getting ready for the next project to come your way.

Suddenly, you hear your boss raise his voice and you wonder who’s getting chewed out this time. Then you hear him call your name as he stomps toward your desk. Your heart sinks: You know this is going to be bad. read more


I did my first Digital Marketing training, Yayy!

As is commonly said Diligent work pays off.

Investing energy with pioneers and masters gives you the ability to come up with ideas. Ideas that can generate money and leveraging opportunities.  The types of opportunities that are generated will be leveraging for the people around you as well.

On June 1st, 2016, I was asked to conduct a Social Media Marketing plan and Mentoring session with a very well known and profound NGO in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. YDKKM Yes I am also their web designer and consultant. I was excited to start this 6-hour training session. read more

20 shard lessons sam haider

20 Hard Lessons I learned before turning 20

  • Life has already begun. There is no interlude. Nor is there a trial version. Your every decision matters.
  • Your online friends are fake friends. Unfortunately, it’s true. Most of them do not care about you and will not come in your hour of need.
  • If you fall in love, be ready to get your heart broken. It is tough and it hurts.
  • Your studying career does not end after prom. Knowledge is crucial. If you are not willing to be left behind, keep studying.
  • Your family members are the most important people in your life. They are the only ones who care about you. Treat them well and appreciate them.
  • Your weaknesses do not matter. Learn to accept this. The only things that matter are your strengths. Improve them.
  • Everything worth doing takes years. Do not expect to reach your goals too quickly. It will probably take much longer than you imagine.
  • All the opportunities for growth are beyond your comfort zone. Make leaving it a habit. Find your discomfort zone. Enter it.
  • Broken relationships are not worth staying in. Do not waste your time on things you cannot fix anymore. Let them go and move ahead.
  • The world is full of injustice. There are plenty of unjust things you are likely to face within your lifetime. Be ready!
  • Luck comes to those who work hard. Good things do not come to those who wait. Persistence and hard work are the only prerequisites for luck.
  • There is no perfect moment to start. If you want to start doing something, act now. Do not wait for a better moment. It will never come.
  • You cannot be everywhere and have everything. Learn to make the right choices and commit to the things that matter most.
  • Every person in your life should be appreciated. Do not take people for granted.
  • Experience and emotions are your best investments. The traditional measures of success — fancy cars and houses — are no longer relevant. Emotions, memories, experience, knowledge. These are the things that matter.
  • Later often means never. Do not postpone anything. Live now!
  • Success equals perseverance. Do not give up. Stay dedicated to your dreams. Chasing them is difficult, but it’s worth the struggle.
  • Regular workouts are crucial. Take care of your health and body. Exercise regularly and make sure you are in a good shape.
  • Your failures do not matter. Only wins count. Therefore, do not be afraid to fail.
  • Nobody will help you. You have to help yourself.
  • read more


    What to do when you are losing something ?

    Well, it`s a sudden change of a mood, I am writing this note for myself and for future. Because when things go wrong you just can`t hold yourself up for anything, You just get mad and want some alone time. But in realiy you need someone to talk to, who can understand the problem and suggest you way. Even though you might know all of them but because of the tension, depression and anxiety your brain is not recalling the solution. As some one said

    Problem is not the real problem, Your attitude towards is the problem.

    Life is a roler coaster. So, you get downs and up easily. You feel very low and bad and like Sh*t when you are loosing something or you can`t hold the control or things go out of the plan. Most of people feel bad when stuff like this happens. But, HERE IS THE THING Just like Countries, Big Organizations, Companies, Governments doesn`t work with-out proper structure and plannings, This whole world doesn`t work on it`s own. Trees don`t grow them self, Rain just doesn`t happens, Fruit just doesn`t grow anywhere. Everything is structured and well planned. But the questions is who is planning and working and running this World. As I am a Muslim (By God`s Grace) I beleive The Almighty God ALLAH Ta`allaa have layed out every structure of this world and Your LIFE. Yes, you read it right. Ever wondered why monks are the happy always? Because they kill thier Ego and thier wishes. If you kill them you are the happiest person. And don`t you ever worry of what you will loose if you don`t complete a task on a timeline. Because everything you NEED to get will come to you, with time. I am not saying that don`t do anything and leave it to God, Put your HARD efforts, work as hard as you can. But if you don`t get the results you want. Trust me God got your cover. If you are losing something and you just can`t get control of it, let it loose. Let it go. Busy yourself with other stuff. Trust me, you will get better option then what you will loose. Talk to people and listen thier problems and you will feel like the Gratitude. It is how this life works. If you are trying to get something you should not have. You just can`t get it ANYWAY. Take it easy and live every day as it is the last day of your life. Hack : Feel Thankfull and you will get alot of stuff you can`t think of. If you are muslim say Al Hum Du LILLAH every hour. :) Please do let me know how feel about my blog in comments.

    Network Marketing 57

    So, It`s me again hosting another lousy lazy webinar to add value in other people`s life.

    I have just made a decision to add value, to help, to motivate other people to achieve their success.

    I am gonna share my most top secrets I used to follow when I was in network marketing 2 years ago.

    After that I have learned about lead generation, marketing, social media, trends, free awesome resources, the secrets of top earners by reading books, blogs, following them and watching videos from Lynda about Growth Hacking and Online Marketing. read more


    New year eve and Paint Glow Festival

    New year eves started at 7 as I reached Paint Glow Festival, I was excited as they pictures they showed are very exciting. See below

    The security guard took my water as it is not allowed to bring inside, Why not?

    They took my friend`s Vapour and said you will get it back when you will leave ( but they lost it later.)

    But, As soon as I enter I get disappointed. First of all they promised a kit with mobile bag, Paint bottle, Face Mask, a secret bad and surprise thingy. (Picture below)

    But what I got is a very small paint tube, glasses and a free chips voucher. What? read more


    Recently I hosted an event on Email designing and marketing on very basics, I already sent this webinar recording in email and already publish on facebook, but I am still getting some queries on my website for the webinar recording, So I thought I should post it on my blog.

    Please do share and comment on what do you think, I will keep doing a monthly webinar on different marketing and designing topics.

    Thank you
    Sam Haider


    Something about Branding

    So recently I attended Getting Noticed 101, an event about branding hosted by Impact Hub Kuala Lumpur.

    I will share some of the keys points I note down about branding.

    They featured

    Lais de Oliveira — Founder of 8spaces, a community-driven platform to connect people through spaces; Curator of TheList; and Facilitator of the socio-cultural aspects of MaGIC’s Accelerator Program
    Martin Goh — Associate Director of Business Consulting at CtrlShft, the largest independent programmatic marketing company in Asia. read more

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