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How to be successful? (A piece of my 2 years cake)

If you want to be successful in any career, stop thinking about money. Being a Muslim I have realised and have experienced this that sometimes I really do put my life an all my hard work into something and I don’t get anything out of it but I do get result of every single second I put in my work.
Start believing in yourself and your skills.
You can be Anyone.
The best and fastest track to be successful is finding and ideal for you and start practising his/ her lifestyle.
I act like a Billionaire but I am not yet I do believe that someday I will be and that some day is very soon.
To me the best business ethic is Start investing in yourself and start adding value to other people’s life.
So yea here you all go with my tip # 1 to be successful and that is Start adding value to other people life and start actin like who you want to be.
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What It Takes to Go From Dead Broke to 6 Figures in 6 Months

As entrepreneurs we know life is often a roller coaster with lots of uncertainty and chaos. When you’re in the struggle, it’s tough to see a clear path to success, but it’s crucial to let your vision guide you, not your current circumstances. You must embrace those challenges, because that’s where your hunger for a better life is developed.

Nobody wants to be broke, and nobody wants to struggle, but it’s part of the process. It’s asking the right questions, and taking the right action while in the struggle, that can change everything. When I was in my toughest spot I was dead broke but six months later I was earning a six figure income. What it took to make the change is available to everyone. read more


New year eve and Paint Glow Festival

New year eves started at 7 as I reached Paint Glow Festival, I was excited as they pictures they showed are very exciting. See below

The security guard took my water as it is not allowed to bring inside, Why not?

They took my friend`s Vapour and said you will get it back when you will leave ( but they lost it later.)

But, As soon as I enter I get disappointed. First of all they promised a kit with mobile bag, Paint bottle, Face Mask, a secret bad and surprise thingy. (Picture below)

But what I got is a very small paint tube, glasses and a free chips voucher. What? read more


Recently I hosted an event on Email designing and marketing on very basics, I already sent this webinar recording in email and already publish on facebook, but I am still getting some queries on my website for the webinar recording, So I thought I should post it on my blog.

Please do share and comment on what do you think, I will keep doing a monthly webinar on different marketing and designing topics.

Thank you
Sam Haider

Sam Social Media


Social media has huge potential for branding and marketing. Many people use social media daily for various purposes. Facebook alone has over one billion registered users and this is ripe market to promote your brand. Social media optimization can also create more traffic movement to your website and increase your rankings on search engines. Having the right strategies in place is very important to the process. The following are some of the tactics you can use.

Make your social medial posts stand out

In order to get more attention from social medial users, you need to make sure each of your posts is a hit. You can get more attention and exposure on your social media posts using images, videos, gifs and hashtags. Make sure the posts are short and concise to make sure everybody reads your posts and gets the message. You have probably come across the “too long, didn’t read” meme doing rounds on social media showing that internet users really don’t have the attention span for very long posts. read more


Something about Branding

So recently I attended Getting Noticed 101, an event about branding hosted by Impact Hub Kuala Lumpur.

I will share some of the keys points I note down about branding.

They featured

Lais de Oliveira — Founder of 8spaces, a community-driven platform to connect people through spaces; Curator of TheList; and Facilitator of the socio-cultural aspects of MaGIC’s Accelerator Program
Martin Goh — Associate Director of Business Consulting at CtrlShft, the largest independent programmatic marketing company in Asia. read more


A great day spent with #FutureMakers

October 26  2015

No doubt a very great day it is, today I met a friend who has been helping me learning things over Internet. He is my friend for 2 years on facebook. Moving up to the post this day was the best day in October.

Me, Paul Jones  (P.J Entrepreneur), Toriqul Islam, Ashiqul Islam & Reza Einifar . We visited MaGIC today and had a great time there.



Benefits of using a co-working space

Image00006Co-working spaces have become popular worldwide, affording startups instant networking opportunities and camaraderie, as well as the intangible benefit of what I call “assisted serendipity:” a multitude of unexpected encounters that are difficult to recreate in traditional office settings and provide nearly immeasurable amounts of value for new businesses.

A great co-working space is a collection of minds inspired by the brand that brought them together. As a member, you benefit from the brand that creates the space, the ethos it aspires to, and the people it attracts. Not only can a great space provide great ideas, but the association could also lend credibility to your otherwise unknown startup. read more


How to Create an Email Campaign in 10 Minutes (Step by Step Guide)

Email marketing might seem like something that’s just for big and booming internet companies. When you open your inbox, all you see are promotions from eBay, Amazon, and Google.

But what if we told you that email marketing works for the little guys, too? What if email marketing led to more sales for your landscaping company, hair salon, or flower shop?

It turns out that 77 percent of consumers prefer to receive permission-based emails rather than any other form of marketing communication.

When you send an email, you’re encouraging customers to come to your website, engage with your brand, and even make more purchases. Sending email campaigns is a great way to stay in touch with your customers and be top of mind. read more


How to be successful? 3 steps to be one !

Let`s start with Success meaning in my life

Success = Happiness

Just so you know Money is the byproduct of Success :)

4 things that made anyone successful no matter in anything.

1) Mentor

Mentor is very important in any person life, to be successful you need to follow someone but if you follow donkey no doubt you will become one so find a mentor who has achieved the same level of success you want to achieve.

If there is no one in your circle I think your parents are the best to guide you, Although sometimes you will think its not a good idea as they are old but trust me they are always right. read more

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