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Network Marketing 57

So, It`s me again hosting another lousy lazy webinar to add value in other people`s life.

I have just made a decision to add value, to help, to motivate other people to achieve their success.

I am gonna share my most top secrets I used to follow when I was in network marketing 2 years ago.

After that I have learned about lead generation, marketing, social media, trends, free awesome resources, the secrets of top earners by reading books, blogs, following them and watching videos from Lynda about Growth Hacking and Online Marketing. read more


Recently I hosted an event on Email designing and marketing on very basics, I already sent this webinar recording in email and already publish on facebook, but I am still getting some queries on my website for the webinar recording, So I thought I should post it on my blog.

Please do share and comment on what do you think, I will keep doing a monthly webinar on different marketing and designing topics.

Thank you
Sam Haider


How to Create an Email Campaign in 10 Minutes (Step by Step Guide)

Email marketing might seem like something that’s just for big and booming internet companies. When you open your inbox, all you see are promotions from eBay, Amazon, and Google.

But what if we told you that email marketing works for the little guys, too? What if email marketing led to more sales for your landscaping company, hair salon, or flower shop?

It turns out that 77 percent of consumers prefer to receive permission-based emails rather than any other form of marketing communication.

When you send an email, you’re encouraging customers to come to your website, engage with your brand, and even make more purchases. Sending email campaigns is a great way to stay in touch with your customers and be top of mind. read more

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