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GrabCar Exposed! What is GrabShare?

So, Grab just launch their new product or service “GRABSHARE” I am not really sure what to name it.

Today, when I went to meet my client I used GrabShare. The driver was not really sure what`s the difference between GrabCar and GrabShare and I went explaining him, but at the same time, I realized what GrabCar is actually doing now.

I am really impressed and see there struggling to come up with a solution for a world problem and they have been trying to do it for quite some time as I observed.

Now before I tell you what are they are trying to solve I will share a bit on what is Grab Share.

What is GrabShare?

GrabShare is the first on-demand carpooling service that matches you with another party, heading in the same direction. By sharing the ride, you reduce the fare and your carbon footprint too! We also guarantee that there will not be more than one additional drop-off point, so you won’t have to make unnecessary detours. It also gives you the savings of 30%

Interesting right?

But here is some important points you should note.

  1. Because it`s grab share, there is a high possibility when the grab driver comes to pick you up, he might also have another passenger and so he will only wait for you for maximum of 3 minutes and then he can go.
  2. Maximum of 2 people per booking, to explain further if you book a GrabShare only one friend can accompany you and not more than one. My suggestion is don’t use GrabShare if you have 2 or more people. Book a GrabCar instead. Since it is 30% lesser you and your friend can split also and avoid a lot of people in one car.
  3. You can only drop-off at one place, you can stop additionally.

So, now you must be wondering who will pay the toll charges, It will be split equally with both passengers.

How to book a GrabShare?
Launch the Grab App & tap on GrabShare icon. Input your Pick-Up and Drop-Off points.

Okay so now the point where I am gonna expose grabcar. 😛

Haha, ok actually if you notice GrabCar have recently launched a campaign called 100% SureRides where they have given a lot of RM5 coupons and sure rides and actually once I didn`t get the ride and they give me free ride the next day.

and now they launched GrabShare.

Here they are trying to solve two problems, one is personal (not personal, but company personal) and the second is environmental.

Company Personal Problem

They don`t have a lot of Grab Drivers, but a lot of customers so if one driver drives 2 customers they have good rating as a private communicator app and it also grows their customer data. Thus, they will improve the number of rides, the surety of rides and at the end of the day people will likely to use Grab instead of other apps like uber.

Environment Problem

We all know how much traffic jam is in KL, especially at peak hours. Now when 2 or 3 people using one car instead of 3 or 4 cars, it will dramatically improve the traffic. If people use grab share app.

The less carbon footprint, the more good oxygen we have.

So shout out to Grab and the people behind the app, They not only saves my time, make it more productive and the drivers are mostly very warm and welcoming.

Thank you Grab.

Oh! You are not using the Grab Car App yet? Try it out now. You will get RM 10 off too. Click here to book your first ride.

P.S This is not a paid content or marketing. It is solely based on my thoughts. Promise, you can ask GrabCar.

P.P.S Yes, I used a catchy line to grab your attention. The reason behind it is so you can take a moment and know how much time and effort and creativity people behind random app doing to solve big probelms. :-)

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  1. Your data is wrong:
    1. Drop off location can be 2 places if Rider A and Rider B go to different places, but these 2 places are along the same route.
    2. The toll is split equally if both riders are the in car. If only Rider A in the car when passing the toll, Rider A pays the full amount of toll.

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