Let`s start with Success meaning in my life

Success = Happiness

Just so you know Money is the byproduct of Success :)

4 things that made anyone successful no matter in anything.

1) Mentor

Mentor is very important in any person life, to be successful you need to follow someone but if you follow donkey no doubt you will become one so find a mentor who has achieved the same level of success you want to achieve.

If there is no one in your circle I think your parents are the best to guide you, Although sometimes you will think its not a good idea as they are old but trust me they are always right.

If you still need a good one you can just find his blog and read but note down the things you like in his blogs write it with a pencil on a paper maybe writing it couple of times will help you better.

If you follow someone you will have fewer chances to loose and fall down.ways-to-be-successful-how-to-be-successful

2) Discipline

Discipline is the most important and essential when you want to be successful, discipline teaches  you management

which is critically important when you want to pursue your dreams, As your friends and relative will think you as a mad until you get some success but if you do it with high management skills it is always better



Never fear taking big risks it is the key to success but make sure you have a plan B :)

Taking a risk will help you to think unconditionally and you will achieve great learning from taking risks.

4) Focus


These are 3 main keys or points to success, but there are few things that you must have in order to be successful

You must be persistent

You must follow

You must be able to learn new things

You must accept challenges.

whenever I look book into my life when I was learning I found these steps are very important in my success

There are few things I want to clear here is that not every time you get succes when you try but yes everytime you make decision and take action you have success or experience both are good for your future as there is not age limit to be successful.

Well at last this thing is really important if you don’t have the Hunger of success noway you gonna get success.

Get Inspiration

Get HUNGER of Success

Please comment and add more point on how to be successful and share with your  friends.

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