So, you just started some kinda business and you want to promote your sales or you are looking for a “Godsend” marketing genie to help your business improve your business or maybe you know someone that can rocket your sales and you need their endorsement.

Good news is that you have come to a right place, I am gonna share some sexy secrets with you that maybe helps you in your business.

See the question is – do people trust your business? Probably the answer is people don`t even know about my business how can trust the product.

Then, I would ask do they trust you? or would they trust you?

If the answer is no keep reading and if the answer is yes get the fuck outta here and go do some talking with some people 😀 Good Luck!

okay….. so for the peeps who are not being trusted or maybe you just don`t know much people.

Let`s start with knowing these people….

I am gonna give you a cheat sheet* if you like it buy me a coffee!

Know who the f*cks are your customers

It`s pretty easy just write down your product and make three columns and in each column write the classification of your ideal customer. Let say you are selling a health drink. It would go like this.

Customer 1 – Age 9 – 14 – Students – Mostly spend their time in school – mommy driven. 😀

I think you get what I mean, no? it`s no brainer…. write down their age, their occupation, what is the most common thing in all of them and what are they driven by….

Simple, right?

What to do after you get a customer?

Well, a great man once said a good marketing strategy is a well served, happy and satisfied customer. If you are wondering which great man, It`s me!

So, make sure you do a kick-ass job in serving them so they do good word of mouth for you…

I am not saying you to kiss their asses but give them a service/ product that you can be proud of.

Okay, enough of my free lessons 😛

Oh! did I forget to mention something? How to get influencers right?

It`s quite simple, first improve your social media with Facebook ads, then post alot of content, moving on with finding the hyper related influencers first and look for the new person who has more followers than your page and a good to go.
Send him a message directly and compliment him, and yes compliment goes a fucking long way.

OK- so the game is pretty simple here, understand that it`s all the game of number so you need to offer them numbers for numbers (for starters)

Ask them for a cup of coffee (You are paying for the coffee) then ask them why they are doing what they are doing and be very attentive.

They will only leave a small hint of the true passion, magnify it and see if it`s money or attraction or the attention they like.

Then just drive them on it.

Once you gain good attraction, you will just need to improve your approach more and be willing to test new ideas. Let every influencer suggest you their idea and follow theirs and see if it works if it doesn`t just move on…

Life is full of wonderful experience, don`t fear failure.

Also, I know my English sucks and I am happy to get your comments on it. But to be honest I just try to share my knowledge and don`t give two shits on how I write what I write. So have fun reading….

And please feel free to comment your views or questions.


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