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I did my first Digital Marketing training, Yayy!

As is commonly said Diligent work pays off.

Investing energy with pioneers and masters gives you the ability to come up with ideas. Ideas that can generate money and leveraging opportunities.  The types of opportunities that are generated will be leveraging for the people around you as well.

On June 1st, 2016, I was asked to conduct a Social Media Marketing plan and Mentoring session with a very well known and profound NGO in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. YDKKM Yes I am also their web designer and consultant. I was excited to start this 6-hour training session.

Let me tell you that I like being in the spot light and getting attention, but I am not much of a public speaker. I haven`t conducted any training offline before 12th June 2016, as in a workshop.

Most of the entrepreneur’s next step, when they create an opportunity for themselves, is going to their mentor and telling them. “Yay, I did it!” They say this to express that they came a long way, the feeling of doing something worth while, and the feeling of successfully achieving and completing a goal.

Looking back on when I would say that, it`s kinda immature, and I started to understand that when business started to pick up, and when a gained experience.

So, As soon as we confirmed the training. I went straight up to Mother and told her, and she was glad. I was confused by the way she reacted. I was happy as can be, you could even say the happiest I’ve ever been. While my mom just said, “Cool” and “it is a decent accomplishment yet not something I ought to be truly energized about.” I thought to myself, “I have all the more hard work to do in order to accomplish what I am setting out to do.” Yet, she said, “Whatever you do, Do your best.”

Whatever you do, Do your best.
– Sam`s Mom

I went to somebody who has been truly a motivating and astonishing coach to me. His name legally has the word Entrepreneur in it. Which is kinda Cool!

Find him out on facebook : PJ Entrepreneur

To be honest, I have many clients who want to me to handle their social media posts and etc.

Strategising, Implementing and Executing everything with dead lines really help, because without these you may get lazy and tell the client that I’ll have it done whenever. That’s what they don’t want to hear. But I was unsure on how to talk about it.

I am actually pretty enthusiastic when I discuss social media plans. It gets me excited, alot!

PJ suggested some of the videos from to look over and learn more in details so I can disscuss it and elaborate in detail what it means, how to do it, and how it should be done efficiently and professionally.

He said, “I believe in you, and I am sure you are gonna do an awesome job.”

The words “I believe in you” doesn`t really make sense in normal life. I mean it seems so awkward to say to someone in normal life unless you are marrying them. 😛

However, believe me, some of the time these words mean something. You can really accomplish something even though you don`t believe in yourself just by being told you that you can do it by someone you look up to. I highly recommend using for anything that you need help with that you don’t understand.

I was watching these boring videos about Digital Marketing, I say it boring cause most of the things I heard from the video are about implementing things that you know and have learned into you job, and most of the guys was saying I already knew about.

So, I was watching these videos and the narrator started showing slides. Then it hit me.

SAM! You need to come up with slides. So I stopped the video went straight to find some cool templates. I chose one and then I went to work. It was long, tiring, and boring work, but somehow at last I was able to make 19 messy slides with a help of a friend, which then she made presentable.

Proud of my friends. 😀

So, what happen is I watched couple of videos on NGOs Marketing, Growth Hacking, Analytics and Digital Marketing site. Then, I watched some videos on the people who have done training. I wanted to observe and actually see how ONE can execute and produce a sexy workshop.

Videos will always help you learn fancy and new words. So, it is worth spending your time watching the videos you think you already know.

It was Sunday morning on the 12 of June 2016, I went in there. I saw really cute and innocent faces. Full of curiosity. I read their faces and knew that they were hungry for Education. They were eager to learn.

I planned to ask them for the intro, but they told it and started it and asked me.

This was the time I was like, Sam RUN!!!!! :-)

Because it started in a not so planned way. To me, everything should be in the flow. But if everything will be in the flow. If everything works out the way we plan it, we will be missing huge fun. The feeling when you get hyper, when you get excited, when you get Oh FML.

If you just stop there for a second, flips the coin and change the impact of the feeling from negativity, troubling and stressing. It will convert to the excessive positive energy that your body can transfer it to the people around you, and that will make people a fan of yours. But it takes practise.

That time, I quietly took 3 deep breaths, I said I’m nervous. Hold On guys.

The sweetness of them, the stopped looking at me. It made me feel more comfortable and then I started to relax and calm down.

Guess what?

After watching videos on Digital Marketing, I wrote down the whole freaking transcript of 3000 words with different exercises.

But as soon as I started, I forgot everything. I have the papers in my hand. But I didn`t look at them for help.

I got into a very smooth flow. I felt like I was driving a Ferrari on a long high way. Everything was smooth, quite, comfortable, serene, and yet also down to earth.

I literally didn’t look at any sentence of the paper. No, I didn’t memorize the transcript nor do I remember anything from it. I hardly read it.

I am not saying don`t prepare yourself. Do prepare yourself. But be a super creative, fun, unique, and imaginative person.

Choose the venue yourself and maybe visit the venue before conducting the  training.

Yeah, The venue didn’t have very good internet speed. That`s when I told myself, next time I will be choosing the venue.

That`s all I can share for now.

The testimonial was so cool. I am gonna share what they think of the training in a video blog later this week.

Please do comment on what you think about my statements. I would be glad to answer any inquiries.

For those who are wondering what have I taught.

Here is the Sneek peek





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  1. Muhammad Qasim

    Really great article I learnt a lot.I also want to become a public speaker. My question is that how to become a champion of stage(how to overcome stage fright)…?

    • Sam Haider

      Thank you Qasim, To answer your question I think I am not qualified to answer that question. But if I am frightened at stage, I will just move more and talk slowly. The best is because it is a feeling and it needs time to settle down you should ask a question to someone and give yourself some time.

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