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7 Life lessons learned from a super hero series

Starting with a quote :

Ships are safe in harbour, but that’s not what ships are made for.

So, lately I have been watching The Flash season 2.

From my point of view it`s quite an interesting and inspiring story. I think there is a lesson for everybody in it. But being a quiet young Entrepreneur, I am now experiencing a challenging and unstable emotional life. Watching this really helped me.  In this blog post I am gonna share the things I learned from it and comparing them with my personal experiences.

1) Your Team is Important

Yes, Whether you are an Entrepreneur or superhero you need a team to be successful in order to achieve your goals and overcome obstacles. With Entrepreneurs most likely it is the family that comes first, that will help you overcome problems not matter if it is business related or your personal life.

Friend’s are just as important as family. They also are there to help you out, support you, help you achieve your goals with you, and tackle obstacles with you. Choose them wisely….

2) Put your heart in what you are doing

See, we can learn from our mistakes and obstacle so that we may become better at what we are achieving. Sometimes obstacles work as steps, steps that you need to climb to get to the top and eventually you will reach the top and achieve what you set out for.

Putting your heart into your work will make you fall in love with your achievements, achieving them will be like kissing your love, and who doesn’t want to kiss their love multiple times a day. ( I know, I am kinda romantic. 😉 )

3) Decide and Execute

Don`t make hasty decisions. Think about what’s being offered and how that will benefit you. Don’t let your emotions get the better of you.

Think before making the decision, discuss it. Two heads are better than one.

But once you made your decision, Stop taking approval of others on that. Instead, go out and take massive action.

You either learn something from failing or you achieve what you want to.

4) Love, Relationships and Emotions

You may not agree with this but I believe you shouldn’t fall in love early in your career. It creates unnecessary distraction from you to achieve your goal.

Look, if you are struggling with something, it is easy to fall in love with someone who make you feel comfortable. But if you are a hustler, if you are still struggling, if you have big dreams to achieve, if you want to be great, if you want to be a leader. First thing is you need to get over your emotions. Emotions can sometimes be a burden on you career, so tread carfully. Stupid feelings get you excited and you end up doing crazy stuff and I mean it in a bad way.

In the Flash season 2, Barry (The Flash) actually fell in love with someone who works with him.

It`s kinda good love story for another time, but Barry let’s this girl go. It was hard even to see. But I eventually realise that it is very important to not have someone very close to you. They will end up troubling you inside out. Especially if you are storm and don`t have the patience to deal with it. Dude, it`s a $ 1 million advise.

Even if we see Steve Jobs, He let his love go away. No matter what the reason. He didn`t talk to her daughter for quite a time. and See he made a freaking awesome phone Empire. Bam!

5) Never lose your focus

Although, there will be different small obstacles or problems to handle. There will be a Big one. In Flash season 2 it was Zoom.

Don`t go trying to solve the big problem. Deal with the smaller problems first.. Each one of them will give you lessons. Adding all lessons of small problems will help you manage and overcome the big problem.

6) Don’t go looking for approval

You should know your value, never ever waste your time proving yourself to anybody.

In fact, don`t go shouting you have done something cool. Because to me 1 is better than 0. But you need to be improving every second of your life, every second of your life should be invested in learning and improving your self for the better.

One of the great person said : Don`t explain yourself because the ones who believe you don`t need explanation. The ones who don`t believe you will never believe no matter what you do.

7) Believe in the Impossible

The art of knowing less is actually pretty cool. You might feel ashamed sometimes, but have the curiosty in yourself. The less you know the more you acheive is what I beleive. Knowing less will not tell you what is impossible and what you can`t acheive. You will keep trying to do something which was meant to be impossible for someone who has learned. But If you freaking put your heart into acheiving it. Dude, Take my words You are gonna get it!

To be honest, I learned alot of other things like don`t get influenced by emotions, don`t share alot of stuff, be ready to loose every single thing you love step by step and a few more.

But I also know it is hard for you guys to keep bearing with my broken English. So, I will stop writing here :)

By the way, thank you soo much for reading till here. You have no idea how much it means to me. I would love to read your views on it. So, Please comment if you have some other serious suggestions for me.

Till my next post, Happy Ramadhan

Have a blessed day ahead.

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