New year eves started at 7 as I reached Paint Glow Festival, I was excited as they pictures they showed are very exciting. See below

The security guard took my water as it is not allowed to bring inside, Why not?

They took my friend`s Vapour and said you will get it back when you will leave ( but they lost it later.)

But, As soon as I enter I get disappointed. First of all they promised a kit with mobile bag, Paint bottle, Face Mask, a secret bad and surprise thingy. (Picture below)

But what I got is a very small paint tube, glasses and a free chips voucher. What?

Where is my kit? I said. We are out of stock with face mask and other stuff, one of the chinese girl replied me.

I was like fuc* but I was with friends and we decided not to ruin our NYE and began walking towards the music and saw some local DJ`s playing techno music and 2 guys beside the stage have water guns throwing water to audience. It was funny LOL. I said they have a very nice social media guy who post hype.

I was disappointed with the party, I planned to be there till the party ends, but I left at 11 with my friends to The ROOF, First Avenue KL to continue the party.

Boycott Paint Glow Festival event organiser.

But, no celebrations can be ruined if you have nice friends with you. Thanks Mike to make this eve amazing.

Conclusion : Never buy the ticket before the event, never forget to bring your most cool friends to the events (incase you get boored, they will be a big help) Don`t ever create the excitement in you. Never trust facebook pictures! 😀

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