So recently I attended Getting Noticed 101, an event about branding hosted by Impact Hub Kuala Lumpur.

I will share some of the keys points I note down about branding.

They featured

Lais de Oliveira — Founder of 8spaces, a community-driven platform to connect people through spaces; Curator of TheList; and Facilitator of the socio-cultural aspects of MaGIC’s Accelerator Program
Martin Goh — Associate Director of Business Consulting at CtrlShft, the largest independent programmatic marketing company in Asia.

12036559_906648312753781_2424779519868646391_n Personal branding is 90% yourself and 10% brand. It is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands. While previous self-help management techniques were about self-improvement, the personalbranding concept suggests instead that success comes from self-packaging.

To build a personal brand you must Explore your self and  the worlds need.

You can follow simple steps in order to build a good personal brand.

Here is a list of what I do :-

Talk to people, I always approach people and make them comfortable to talk to me. Not just the people you know but everyone and I mean EVERYONE, maybe you saw a guy on a bus station and you want to talk to him but you are shy or scared for some reason.

Here is a tip for you, observe his clothes, face expression and his movement.

I often go to events and in Malaysia we have a name tag given while registering, so what I do on average is I try to look at their name and try to pronounce it in a bit difficult way that the other person notice me and correct me. This way he gets a bit high and start talking now this is your chance to win her or him.

Social Media is good for Branding ,Lais De Oliveria  

You have to being persistent in order to build a successful brand. The reason is that your brand is your element.

Another way to build your brand is Impact on peoples life.

Now I am not saying you to go eat with them pay the bill. Or buy them something or blah blah blah

But when you meet them first time listen to their story and suggest them a book.

This way you will also win on them and on the same time you will impact on their life.

Haters gonna hate! Hate Hate

I think taylor swift said that as lais quoted.

that means you don`t have to win everybody and actually you cannot win everybody. Everyone have their own problems and stress and everyone is different from one and each other.

So, you don`t have to give a sh*t about haters.

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