pexels-photo-212286It`s been a long time since  I wrote, I apologize to all my dear readers.

Last time when I got the chance and time to write was in April so I decided to ask on my Facebook ok what should I write on?  I got around 20+ suggestions and I hope I can write on all that but we will start with “What Gets Me Excited?”

Hmm, alot of things gets me excited. Spending money on useless things is one of my very lame excitement but it does get me excited.

But when we talk about business and or something that might interest you is marketing, revolutionary ideas, start-ups, business plans, solving problems, negotiations, sales, meeting people, talking to people, spending time on discussing interesting and deep matters and making friends  gets me really excited.

It takes 30 minutes and a cup of cappucino for me to understand any business or marketing problem/ idea and to suggest and consult with solutions. Doesn`t make sense?

Sometimes I wonder myself, I guess I have been designed for solving businesses problems and designing marketing campaigns and giving them a better  ROI approach!

How can a young guy like me can suggest big problem solutions. Well, my dad is a Serial Entrepreneur and he has many different businesses experiences and I happen to spend alot of time in his office since very young. I am not a fan of schools so whenever possible I would just go to Dad`s office and sit down and observe. He is a great teacher as well, always sharing billion dollar lessons with me.

Here is a valuable lesson, you might have some ideal in your life and maybe it is your father or maybe your mentor. But don`t ever try to copy anyone. If it works for them doesn`t necessarily mean it will work for you as well. It might work for short time but for a long time, you have to give yourself time and learn every step on your own.

You might make mistakes that are very stupid, maybe your decisions are not very wise but you must learn yourself and experience every part of failures and lessons.

I would consider myself very lucky, I meet a lot of people and successful and passionate people always want to teach me and share their knowledge with me. I still wonder sometimes why. I guess they all want me to succeed. I tried modelling some of them but to be honest with all of you. I am such a charm when I am myself. People simply love me. The funny part is girls sometimes get me very wrong, they would offer me ride home and discuss my relationship life. 😛

If you know what I mean! 😀

Back to the topic …..

I also get excited about learning new things, new techs and how it can solve problems of this 21st-century problems. Languages doesn`t interest me much but I love Arabic, Spanish and French language and would love to learn these langauges.

and yes I can talk about all these things all day. Just make sure my Cappucino cup is always filled. 😀

Thank you for reading, tell me what gets you excited and you can talk about it all day in the comment box?

P.S I know there are some grammar mistakes and I have been trying to improve my English with grammar please don`t get irritated with my English. :-)


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