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What to do when you are losing something ?

Well, it`s a sudden change of a mood, I am writing this note for myself and for future. Because when things go wrong you just can`t hold yourself up for anything,
You just get mad and want some alone time. But in realiy you need someone to talk to, who can understand the problem and suggest you way.
Even though you might know all of them but because of the tension, depression and anxiety your brain is not recalling the solution. As some one said

Problem is not the real problem, Your attitude towards is the problem.

Life is a roler coaster. So, you get downs and up easily. You feel very low and bad and like Sh*t when you are loosing something or you can`t hold the control or things go out of the plan. Most of people feel bad when stuff like this happens. But,
Just like Countries, Big Organizations, Companies, Governments doesn`t work with-out proper structure and plannings, This whole world doesn`t work on it`s own.
Trees don`t grow them self, Rain just doesn`t happens, Fruit just doesn`t grow anywhere. Everything is structured and well planned. But the questions is who is planning and working and running this World. As I am a Muslim (By God`s Grace) I beleive The Almighty God ALLAH Ta`allaa have layed out every structure of this world and Your LIFE. Yes, you read it right.
Ever wondered why monks are the happy always? Because they kill thier Ego and thier wishes. If you kill them you are the happiest person. And don`t you ever worry of what you will loose if you don`t complete a task on a timeline.
Because everything you NEED to get will come to you, with time. I am not saying that don`t do anything and leave it to God, Put your HARD efforts, work as hard as you can. But if you don`t get the results you want. Trust me God got your cover.
If you are losing something and you just can`t get control of it, let it loose. Let it go. Busy yourself with other stuff. Trust me, you will get better option then what you will loose.
Talk to people and listen thier problems and you will feel like the Gratitude. It is how this life works. If you are trying to get something you should not have. You just can`t get it ANYWAY. Take it easy and live every day as it is the last day of your life.
Hack : Feel Thankfull and you will get alot of stuff you can`t think of. If you are muslim say Al Hum Du LILLAH every hour. :)
Please do let me know how feel about my blog in comments.

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  1. Atif

    Well, i really love it. Our first priority is be a good Muslim and i’m proud to be. i also aim to write such blogs.

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